CMM precision inspection
Alloy spectrographic chemical analysis
Mechanical testing: tensile, hardness, methyl blue, green shear, moisture, etc.
Non-destructive testing: x-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant

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Aluminum Alloy Sand Castings

MIL-STD-2175 (MIL-C-7021) Casting classification
MIL-STD-6866 Inspection – Liquid Penetrant
QQ-A-601 Aluminum Alloy Sand Castings
MIL-STD-6088 Heat Treatment of Aluminum
ASTM-B-26 Aluminum Alloy Sand Castings
MIL-Q-9850 Quality System
MIL-l-45208 Inspection System
MIL-STD-1520 Control of Nonconforming Material
MIL-STD-45662 Calibration Control
MIL-STD-105 Sampling