Aluminum Sand Castings in California Aluminum Sand Castings in California Aluminum Sand Castings in California Aluminum Sand Castings in California Aluminum Sand Castings in California


Reuland has invested in the future by installing a new, high-efficiency furnace line to meet demands for increased capacity while decreasing the carbon footprint. We accomplish this with three 900 lb gas fired crucible furnaces, one 2200 lb electric resistance crucible furnace and one 600 lb crucible furnace for special alloys.


319 secondary: 319 is a self aging alloy which does not require heat treating. This alloy has excellent casting and machining capabilities and is considered a good choice for standard commercial casting applications.

356 secondary: 356 is a step above 319 in chemical and mechanical properties. It is recommended to heat treat (T6) to obtain optimum properties. In the heat treated condition, 356T6 machines beautifully and would be used in high strength applications.

A356 prime: A356 is a prime alloy, higher purity in chemistry and highest strength in mechanical properties. A356T6 alloy is used in more intricate aerospace, automotive and high velocity blower applications where higher mechanical properties and pressure tightness are required.

Specialty alloys on request!
Alloy Si Fe
Cu Mn Mg Cr
Ni Zn
319 5.5-6.5 0.60 3.0-4.0 0.10 0.10 - 0.10 0.10
0.20 0.20
356 6.5-7.5 0.13-0.25 0.10 0.05 0.30-0.40 - - 0.05
A356 6.5-7.5 0.12 0.10 0.05 0.30-0.40 - - 0.05

Alloy Temper Ultimate Tensile
Yield Strength
Brinell Hardness
(500 Kg)
319 F 27 18 70 2
319 T5 30 26 80 1.5
356 F 24 18 55 6
356 T6
A356 T6


Aluminum Sand Castings in California



Aluminum Sand Castings in California



Aluminum Sand Castings in California

Sand Castings

An overhead sand system delivers consistent sand to the molding stations. Our in-house lab runs daily quality tests on our green sand system properties.

The core-room features CO2 and shell core production.

The 8 station green sand molding line includes squeezer, rotolift, floor and cope and drag lines.

Production: one-off, prototypes, low and medium runs of aluminum sand castings in California

Casting weight: ounces to 300 pounds

Flask sizes: from 12’” x 12” up to 30” x 50” flasks

Comprehensive cleaning and finishing rooms round out the casting process to deliver your product with a clean and smooth surface finish.



We specialize in large parts! When you have a job to do but don’t have the right equipment to do it….Reuland has the answer.

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing, Reuland has the equipment and skilled personnel to do most any job.

We have a variety of Mori Seiki CNC Lathes with swings up to 35 inches in diameter

Variety of manual lathes as well as an American Turnmaster 60” x 160”, 80” in the gap

Milling centers include 3, 4, and 5 Axis capabilities. Pictured our HAAS VF8 Vertical Machining Center 63” x 40” x 30”, 4th & 5th Axis Trunnion Table .

Our grinding services range from 17 inch diameter cylindrical grinding and 28 inch diameter on our internal diameter vertical grinder.

Design & Engineering

From concept to finished goods isn’t just a saying, it’s an action item at Reuland.

We have a full service pattern shop to develop your tooling.

We use rapid prototype masters from a variety of composite materials as well as wood masters.

We cast our own aluminum match plates in our foundry.

Solidworks, Autocad, CAD/CAM , send your files and we will review them.

We can work from your pattern, print, computer files or existing casting.

Review of customer 2D or 3D data
  • Feasibility reviews
  • Initial cost estimating and quote development
  • Analysis of part dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Identification of manufacturing issues / concerns
  • Generation of ideas for improved tooling conditions and / or manufacturing cost reductions
We support your design effort by recommending parameters such as draft and radii, alloy selection and heat treatment. The casting tolerances we use are recommended by the Aluminum Association.