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Melting Casting Machining Design & Engineering Quality


The Reuland Aluminum Foundry, now in its 65th year, has the capacity and
knowledge to source your aluminum sand casting orders. Featuring green sand and
no-bake molds, Reuland is equipped for low to medium volume production runs.

Reuland produces high-integrity aluminum sand castings by exacting precision metal treatments on each melt, using a “naturally pressurized” casting approach and maintaining tight green sand control.

Our skilled and knowledgeable crew consistently delivers high quality, competitively priced aluminum castings with short lead times and an on time delivery record unmatched by our competition.



Our Services
• Design
• Patterns
• Finishing
• Anodizing
• Heat treat
• Inspection
• CNC Machining


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We welcome prototype castings and short runs and will gladly work from your pattern, prints, computer files or existing castings.